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Terra - Shadow Of Ragnarök

A new roleplaying game brought to you by “LARP Gladiator”

תפריט אתר טרה ראשי.png

Event dates: 23-26.09.2021

Settler’s ships have arrived to a new land - a prosperous land of wonder and mystery.

They arrived after a perilous journey through the rough seas, and named it  - “Terra”.


They know they must work swiftly to build their new settlement: their success shall bring salvation to families and tribe-members on the other side of the sea.


And yet, the road to success in their goal is a troubled one: from within, struggles of power and honor threaten to divide them; From around them, it seems other entities already inhabit this land - and they aren’t welcoming. And above it all, more and more omens are making it harder to ignore the incredible truth:


 Ragnarök is coming.

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