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May 12, 2023

Registration is now


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Witcher Society

A LARP set in the world of The Witcher.

May 12th | Check out our Facebook group for updates.

Location: Kadima forest, central Israel | 14:00-03:00  | Price: 350₪


Twenty years after the fall of the witcher schools and the end of the golden age of Witchers,
masters gather to lead a new generation of witchers.

Join us on the path and learn the ways of a true witcher.

Game Experience Includes


Pre-Written characters made by our design team, with your preference in mind.


An official Witcher medallion

A game set in the atmosphere of Witcher campaign


A variety of lessons and imparted wisdom taught by master witchers.

An in-game dinner

Experienced GM and NPC staff


A wild monster hunt


Professional Photoshoots

A path to share, and maybe return to

The world of Witcher

“Who am I, you ask? That is not what you are seeking to know. For I am not part of the world that you want to see, just like the ghouls in your village graveyard, the Leshen in the forest nearby or the wraith haunting that old quarry. Yet just like those creatures and others like them, I came to this world through magic and now remain part of it. But unlike them - I can be your savior, if you pay me enough.”

- The Witcher Aldemir, accepting a contract in Sodden.   


The Path begins with a single step forward - a group of Witchers to-be, come seeking a Master Witcher, to train them in the arts of their secret craft.

Set ~250 years before the events involving Geralt of Rivia and the Second Northern War, in the era heralding the decline of the old glory of Witcher Schools.

Most of the Witchers are roaming monster-slayers for hire, some are still organized in secret societies, some are solitary. But in many corners of the known world, people who are captivated by their past glories, start to forget their true fate and are seeking to join their ranks - some out of thirst for adventure and some out of necessity. 

It is the first chapter of a saga about a world of magic and grim reality, about despair and hope, hate and friendship, greed and sacrifice, but most of all, about monsters and people. 

About Witchers.

It is a game where you become one of those legendary monster hunters, learning the craft through an array of lessons taught by Master Witchers, hunting monsters, being part of deadly political intrigue and much more.

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Important notes

  • The game is for 18+ and includes alcohol.

  • Price includes dinner.

  • Beer will be sold separately during the game.

  • The game is designed for up to 45 players.

  • You'll begin as an adept, seeking to become a fully trained witcher.

  • The game will be played in English.

  • The game ends late at 3:00 am. You can bring a tent and a sleeping bag if you wish to stay for the night at the game site.

  • This game is inclusive and thus anyone can become a witcher regardless of gender.

  • This is intended to be the first episode. Future episodes are planned to include international players. 


The link to the sign-up form will appear below.
Inside the form, you will fill in your details and answer questions regarding your preferences for what kind of character you wish to play.
As we have limited spots available,
 participation is based on filling out the character questionnaire. We assemble the game cast according to many considerations.

If we reach more than 45 applications, there will also be a waiting list.


Timeline and next steps: 

  • The sign-up form is no longer available.

  • On the 4.3, we will contact you regarding the game application, and send a payment link for purchasing a game ticket. 

  • During March, players will receive their character descriptions.


Game Team

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-02 at 19.04.29.jpeg

Ilya Pertsovsky
Team Leader, Game Design, Master Witcher

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-04 at 18.51.54.jpeg

May Roit
Game Design, Writing, Master Witcher

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-04 at 11.15.03.jpeg

Neta Shermister 
Game Design, Sorceress

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-02 at 19.11.58.jpeg

Yael Himmel Shlomo
Story Alchemist,
Master Witcher


Moran Rotman
Game design, Master Witcher

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-04 at 10.37.35.jpeg

Ben Engelman
Game design, Master Witcher

0224_fot. Rekografia.jpg

Yoav Budner
Logistics, Game setting,
Monsters & Fun :)

Photography Credits: Theia Yam-Frank, Relografia, Benji Schama, Ten Moments A&B Fotografia
*Disclamer: The game is in supported by Gladiator. For the first run, it is a non-profit event  

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