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Organization Policy

LARP Gladiator - Blood and Sand



Game tickets include:

  • Participation in the event from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning.

  • Meals start from Thursday evening until Sunday morning.

  • Lodging in one of the venue’s cabins - provision of a mattress including bedding and pillow.

  • Character sheet based on the personal questionnaire.

  • In-game props and weapons for the duration of the game



Payment will be processed through our secure credit 

You can choose to pay in installments.


Transportation to the venue is separate from the ticket. The Blood and Sand team will provide a discounted ride to the game (until all spots are taken).


The Blood and Sand team and LARP Gladiator productions reserve the right to refuse the attendance of any potential participants, without specifying any reasons. 



Until October 15th, 2023, you may cancel your ticket. Afterward, tickets will be non-refundable, except in case of event cancellation.


Were the game canceled for any reason, your tickets will be reimbursed.

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