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June 5-8 * 2025 * Poland

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game postponed to 2025

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"Hear the crowd roar…

One day, it will be your name…"

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Welcome to blood and Sand

A Ludus LARP about Passion, Sacrifice, and Glory!

A Blockbuster event in which Theatrical-Combat

methods will be taught InGame.


Our LARP is inspired by Gladiator and Spartacus and focuses on the gladiators' scenery and drama in the life of a slave, trained to entertain. 


You will learn the secrets of the arena and vie for a chance to be selected for one of the best Ludi in the known world.

Starting as a slave, you will learn how to fight, but not just win - rather make your crowd cheer.

As a Gladiator, you will develop your stage character and learn how to get the best out of yourself as a show fighter.

Thrown into this huge Ludus, you will re-live the drama of being a slave, torn away from your family, country, and culture, cast among others such as you.


Set in the year 100 BC, on the days of the Midsummer celebration, a large shipment of slaves arrives at the gates of House Ovidius - A huge Ludus located at the edge of the German frontier, managed by the Lanista - Marcus the Gladius.


The owner of the Ludus, a famous legate, comes to visit. In his honor, Magisters (Ludus trainers) from all over the empire arrive, to teach the new slaves their ways and methods, test them, and eventually - trade them.

Game Experience Includes


Pre-Written character


Lodging in wooden huts

A game set in a rustic atmosphere


A variety of training sessions taught by professionals

Full meal plan throughout the event


Experienced GM and NPC staff

A final competition and show


Professional Photoshoots


Transportation to and from the location

Unforgetable memories from a world long gone

game world

The might of the Roman Empire is built not only on the strength of her legions, but also on the delight, satisfaction, and amusement of the people.

Bread and circuses, as the proverb goes, become as relevant for those living in the provinces, as to the people of Rome itself.


But to provide the meat for the insatiable grinder of the arenas, two ingredients are required. First, people whose life is worth little, or who dream of the glory of the fight. Second, a training structure.

The former is an easy resource for an empire that exists in a state of constant warfare.

Slaves are cheap and constantly streaming from all the corners of the known world.


But to create a true spectacle, such that would captivate the minds and the souls of the people, the latter is required.

" If you only learn to be the strongest, you will fall.

If you only learn to be the fastest, you will plummet.

But, if you learn to become the best showman - you will prevail."

* Marcus the Gladius *



JUNE 20-22, 2024

A detailed roadmap leading to the event will be published right after the sign-up period



Wioska Fantasy Village, Poland



Up to 100 players



490€ | Early-bird ticket 

540 | Standard ticket 
590€ | Support ticket

*Contact us for subsidized tickets



Limited for people above the age of 18


Players are required to bring a basic set of clothes, fitting the period and their origin. 

Any armor is optional and can be a nice benefit to the kit, as long as it is fitting to the character and the period.

The game will provide weapons.


Although it will not be a “Boot-camp” event, it will be about fighting and many of its activities will include aspects of physical exertion and combat.

If you believe that physically you may not be able to participate in an activity of this nature, or that you would not enjoy it - please consider if it will be a good fit for you at all.

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AU8 - SEP 10, 2023


Purchase your Game Ticket!

Final confirmation mail will be sent to you within 2-3 days.

NOV 20, 2024


Answer a detailed questionnaire about your preferred gameplay experience to help us fit the right Character to you.

FEB - MARS, 2024


You've been cast! Receive your Character Sheet - the story of the Gladiator you'll play. 

APR - JUNE, 2024


Start discussions and ask questions in our facebook group, prepare your Kit (outfit), and get to know your Character.

JUNE 20-22, 2024


The game begins on June 20th afternoon, and ends on the night of June 22nd with a post-game party!

The venue

Wioska Fantasy started its activity in 2010 as a theme park and a permanent set for field games and LARPs. The construction of a dedicated place made it possible to limit conventionality and conduct the first WYSIWYG games in Poland.

The village is surrounded by several dozen hectares of picturesque Subcarpathian forests and meadows with a rich network of paths and interesting topography.

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Yoav Budner
Team Lead


Ilya Pertsovsky

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-18 at 18.08_edited.jpg

Julian Palaia

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-18 at 15.15.40.jpeg

Sergej Nikitin

Sayfan Palaia

Oriana Naomi

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-05 at 22.31_edited.jpg

Arina Komarnitska

Aviv Miron

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The game is organized by LARP Gladiator | Contact us via e-mail

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