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Group INFO

So you want to join the Ancient Blood?

Welcome, fellow LARPer!

If you want to join our group, you’re in the right place! Read on, and learn a bit more about what we expect from you and from the group, and find more information in our Facebook group.

Who are we?

We are a desert-themed group arriving at Drachenfest 2022. We are an international group that welcomes both new and experienced players. As of now, we will come with Blue Camp, though that may still change. 

Our expectations of you, players

We expect the players of the Ancient Blood group to be committed to the team-play, to the customs, to the identity of our group, to belong, and to find their way as an integral part of the group.

We do not accept guests who come to the group only so that they have a comfortable and social place to be in Out-Time. We have no interest in such players. Our focus is to be a unified, cooperative group with shared goals. 

Character Background

The group has two main backgrounds your character can have:

To be part of the "Desert Tribe" (Also referred to as “Blood Born”) and in fact to be part of the original believers of the kingdom. The kingdom’s blood flows in your veins from birth. Most players at this point will be from this group.



Characters who join the kingdom: To play that, you must play a character who came from another place and a different story but is part of the regenerating kingdom for about a year. So during this year:

A. Your character has taken on some group IT role.
B. Their appearance has been influenced by the desert theme - even if originally they dressed differently, they now dress like desert nomads.
*The number of the “newcomers” type character is limited for application.

Roles in the group

  • Warriors - Most people of the tribe of the Ancient Blood, after generations in the harsh desert, were trained to be warriors - men and women of survival that can hunt as well as fight and protect. 

  • Priests - The keepers of the ancient tradition of the Kingdom of Nevia. They hold the secret of the Ancient Blood ceremonies which brings newcomers into the midst of the tribe. They also offer spiritual guidance to the people of the tribe, helping them find unity in the world and within themselves.

  • Craftsmen - The craftsmen and artisans of the tribes are known for their unique professions that helped the tribe survive in the deserts for hundreds of years. Among them, you will find alchemists, forgers, cooks, and more. 

Group preparations teams

We will be divided into teams within the group in order to prepare for the game in an organized manner, and most importantly - give whoever wishes an opportunity to create and shape our game experience.

  1.  Logistics team led by Orc - Camp design, preparation of props, collection of money, ordering tents, and arrangements with the camp.

  2.  Culture team led by TBD - shared visibility, songs, stories, games, proverbs, and battle cries.

  3.  Traditions team led by Yoav (temporarily) - ceremonies, priesthood, religious tutoring for the kingdom believers.

Dressing Code

It was the desert that dictated the dress of the desert people over the last thousands of years. The clothes are in a nomadic style, with faded colors, and especially colors that help the Ancient Blood blend in the desert - shades of brown-yellow-orange-gray. Here and there the desert people also wear colorful accessories that have been found in the desert or have been inherited over the generations. Specific sub-groups within the group (for example, priests) can decide, together with the Culture team, that they have specific garments/accessories that define them as well.

Group fees

The group fee for the first year will be 125 euros.

The group fee will be used for:

  • A large central hall tent for everyone.

  • Tables and chairs.

  • Field beds for everyone.

  • A warehouse rented for a year for the group's equipment.

  • Breakfast + Stew in the evening.

  • Individual group necklace + personal scroll of honor.

* Group fees do not include our individual rented sleeping tents, although we are interested in getting together to rent them.

* Group fees do not include lunches.

Dates and Deadlines

Due to COVID, Drachenfest was postponed for a year (as we all know) and therefore, a significant number of players are already registered in it. Therefore we would like to keep the registration for the team and the bureaucratic matter until December so that we do not get stressed (tents for rent always end early and in addition, there is a fear that the tickets for the game will run out this year).

  • By March 12, 2022, the character’s registration form must be sent.

  • Until March 20, 2020, you must purchase a ticket to Drachenfest, register in the tent order table, and transfer the amount of money needed to rent them (we’ll let you know how much) + transfer group fees.

  •  It is recommended to purchase flight tickets and take care of car rental, etc until the end of March. (We’ll have some group meet-ups for tips and help)

  • If you wish to arrive on the days of the camp’s setup please inform us in advance and purchase flight tickets accordingly and "Early Bird" tickets.

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