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  • Where is the game located?
    The game will be located at Tel-Hai Courtyard, a museum courtyard inside the Tel-Hai College in the north | The courtyard will be closed for LARP participants only.
  • How long? When?
    The game will be 3 days long over the weekend of October 13-15, 2022.
  • Do you need previous experience in D&D/LARP/role-playing games to participate?
    No previous experience is needed. We will upload a detailed list of everything you need to know to participate. Follow our Facebook group, throughout the time period leading up to the game. We will have Zoom meetings, as well as physical meetings, that will help you prepare for your first role-playing game. At the beginning of the game, there will be a briefing and an acting workshop to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the rules.
  • Does the game take place in our world?
    Yes, the game is a historical game that happens in our world. The Villa is (plot-wise) located in the north of the Judea kingdom, in the Decapolis region, on the outskirts of the city of Scythopolis.
  • What is the game’s style?
    At its core, Villa Historia is a dramatic, political game. There are multiple layers to the game, whether the central plot of a luxurious Roman celebration at a Villa courtyard, “side plots” that happen in the meantime or plots that are connected to the players and the politics/relationships between them. Most of the characters in the game are “noble” characters from a high class. A small number of players play their master servants. Another large group of players will be given the role of the gladiators of the Ludus, the gladiator training school. Those who will play gladiators will experience the event from a slightly different angle, the angle of slaves who are also gladiators. Nevertheless, amongst them, there are relationships, dynamics, and more; they are characters in the story, for all intents and purposes, and their stories and interwoven with the high politics of the nobles and can greatly influence them. Gladiators also fight in the game, in a theatrical fighting style (sometimes as part of their training, sometimes for display, and sometimes to satisfy the nobility or to act as pawns for solving conflict).
  • What is the level of historical knowledge that is required from the players before the game? How in-depth is the historical information that you will provide the players? How much historical accuracy will the game uphold? Most importantly, what is the level of historical accuracy that is expected of players?
    Apart from the information that we will provide you, no further knowledge will be required. We will only provide you with the relevant information that will serve you in the game. We do not uphold historical accuracy in every detail. The story is fairly accurate, the houses and factions are inspired by the real powers at work in the Roman-Jewish war, and the characters’ stories are inspired by history. This is not a reenactment, so we have no intention of repeating history in exact detail. Regarding clothing and acting styles: we will expect relative historical accuracy. The outfits should fit the time period: for example, a Viking tunic will not fit the game, nor sneakers or hiking shoes. The style of the game and the style of speech will strive to fit the time period as well; we will elaborate on that later. You may also take inspiration from the photos of previous games.
  • Are you writing my character for me?
    Yes, we have written over 100 characters; each character is their own world. After the casting is complete you will receive an elaborate email with many explanations, and your character sheet (about a page long with content, story, motives, connections to other characters, etc.). Alongside your character page, you will receive information about the house your character is a part of and general historical information.
  • If, for example, I’m really interested in playing a gladiator and really not interested in playing a noble, is there a way to ensure that’s the character I get?
    Throughout the registration process, we will post updates about how many characters are remaining and from which kind. Naturally, as the registration process goes on, the options will be fewer, but we believe we can allow players what they want.
  • Ticket cancellation policies? (As well as selling a ticket to another player if I have to)
    We are prepared for full refunds in case we will not be allowed to play due to external factors (COVID/war etc.) We have posted the organized ticket cancellation policy that is separate from COVID/war or any other external factor – under Terms and Conditions.
  • When is registration going to close?
    Registration will close when every ticket to the game is sold. There will not be more than 100 participants. There will be more runs of this game in the future.
  • What do I have to take care of as a player? What does the game provide?
    The players have to prepare their own outfits – their “kits” – according to the character they’re playing. In addition, players must bring sleeping gear for camping on a lawn (see question about sleeping). We take care of the playing grounds and parking, guarding the gate, toilets, quality food and drinks (vegetarian), sets, playing tools, facilitation team, and more. There will be field showers that we are setting up, and there will also be a Roman bathhouse to enjoy in-character.
  • Is there a plan to organize shuttles from the center to the game and back (with extra charge)?
    There are some options. If there is a demand, we will organize a shuttle, or something adjacent from a central location in the north. We will address this as the game approaches.
  • Sleeping conditions?
    Sleeping will take place “Out-Time” (meaning, not in character), as camping outside the game's premises, on a close yet separate lawn. Players have recommended us that the “Ana Tel-Hai” is a good hostel to rent a room nearby.
  • Are we going to play in the entire museum compound?
    The museum is a part of the game. Some of the rooms may not be, due to the exhibits in them, but the courtyard, the lawns outside of it, the patch of forest next to it, central closed space, and two more spaces are.
  • Is there a possibility to sleep at inns/hostels in the area at a discount with a group purchase?
    You can find out about sleeping at the “Ana Tel-Hai” hostel.
  • Can you elaborate on the kits (outfits) that are required for different characters?
    We have an amazing Pinterest board that is organized with reference to the characters and styles of the game.
  • Do 3 days include set-up and packing up, or will there actually be 3 days of play?
    *Setting up and breaking down is the game team’s responsibility. The game itinerary is posted on the website under “More Details”.

The game is for educational, entertainment and pleasure purposes, based on the true history of the Kingdom of Judah, and is not a political event in any way

  (I.g) Photography by: TheiaYF

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